I have these dreams. Huge, crazy goals, I can’t allow myself not to achieve. No matter what I have to make it big. People have always tried to tear me down. They’ve made the dreams necessities. Achievements I will accomplish. They’ve paved the way for me to have a successful prosperous life, at max 10 years from now. These “wonderful” people have instilled within me a drive that will never diminish. I drive that I know will one day make number 1 on Forbes’s richest list. A drive that will cause everyone in Hollywood to know my name. A drive that will not only make me a living legend, but create a beautiful legacy, unlike anything anyone’s every heard of. Because of these people, I will strive to be the greatest to ever live. I will perfect my writing, sharpen my talents of singing and acting, as well as refine my artistic skills to become the greatest talent the world has ever known. I will drive to be the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming and the one they all hoped I would never become. Today I will embark on a journey to love and become a better me. And I cannot wait for the day when I can say I truly destroyed those “wonderful” people.


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