You Think You Know

So because your mother has been pregnant damn near 80 times, you think that gives you a right to examine my anatomy.

You think that because your family has been plagued with the curse (in my opinion) of being an unlucky teenage mother, that that somehow allows you to make judgements about my appearance.

See what you don’t know is that your comments and your side-eyed stairs will only make me stronger. They will only drive me to reach my success. They will only push me to be better than you. I will get out. I will become someone. And you, not to be evil but, you will stay no one.

Even as I give you this post, I will not give you the satisfaction of saying you name. I will not allow you to claim me as your victim. No, you see you know who you are, no one else cares.

You have no glory. No importance. You are simple a page in the book all about me. Not even a chapter in my life. Simply a paragraph, that I have grown beyond. When I mention you people will not dwell on what you’ve done, or what you’ve said, or even who you are, no. They will focus on how I overcame. They will ask me how I got through it, and drew strength from it. They will applaud my triumph and congratulate me. They will not think of you. I will no longer think of you. I will rejoice in the success I WILL create for MYSELF and laugh at the destruction you’ll still be surrounded by. I will no longer cry out in pain from the hurt I felt, but cry out in laughter at the karma you have received.

This even goes out to those who tormented my heart and took it for granted. I will breathe easier knowing you missed out on something spectacular. I want to hear how much you’ve tried to reach out and repair what, in hindsight, truly was never broken. The regret you feel for your treatment towards me will give me great pleasure in the mornings. I will make you daily adversities the throne I shall sit upon, in my later years. I will do things and create arts that you will not be capable of resisting, so that I may capitalize off of you in the future. I will then spend “your” money to create a better life and greater happiness for me and my true loved ones. I will make everyone of my dreams come true so you can see the beautiful smile on my face and look away in envy.

I will overcome you all and find my true happiness. Thank you.