Around this time last year I was lonely and sad and just depressed.

I’m different this year. I’m happier. I have better friends. I’m healthier and more motivated than ever been in life. I think I’m in not love, but a very meaningful like. He’s fantastic and he feels it too, I hope, at least I think he does.

Life is just going well. I have days where I still get sad and paranoid that all the bad stuff will come back, but I remind myself to breathe. That I deserve this happiness and good fortune. That I have a right to all the good things that are happening in my life. I remind myself that I’m worthy. I won’t lie there’s been ups and downs, but I’m getting through them and I’m making the best.

I’ve never been happier or felt this way ever. I’m going to bask in the light I’ve been blessed with and be grateful for these days. And hope and look forward to even brighter futures.